This year I participated in 24 Hour Comics Day again. It was held on October Saturday the 3rd to 4th. I had such a blast with it last year there was no question I would do it again. The goal is to create 24 comic pages in 24 hours. It’s a very challenging exercise. You come to the table with no idea of what you are going to write and draw, from there you create  a 24 page story.

Last year there was a place to participate in 24 Hour Comic in Santa Fe NM (that’s where I live right now), but this year the closest place was in Albuquerque, NM. I decided to stay home and work on the 24 hour comic in my drawing table. I was committed to participate no matter where I did it.


The first few hours were tough, the year before I created my 24 hour comic with the help of my girlfriend as my inker. This year I was working completely solo. I was finding it hard to find a fast rhythm. I was really digging what I was coming up with, but I was just a little slower then I originally wanted to be.


My girlfriend helped me out by updating my Twitter, Facebook & Flickr pages. One of the Twitter updates caught the attention of the group in Albuquerque. They were updating their blog dedicate to the 24 Hour comic and told me to send them some photos of my stuff. You can check out the 1st of 2 post showing my work progress during the event. 24 Hours from New Mexico blog (Hour 13 1/2 from New Mexico). What was cool is the blog post was picked up by the Official Nation 24 Hour Comic Book Blog too. – (Hour 13 1/2 from New Mexico)