The Half Way Point!
Participating in 24 Hour Comics Day. Here I am 12 hours into the challenge. Not as far ahead as I had planned. But still having fun. I originally planned to have the comic done within the 1st 12 hours. I’m actually on page 6 and 7 at this point. Not even the half way mark. I honestly didn’t think I would finish, but I new I wasn’t going to give up. (I did finish the 24 hour comic, at exactly 11:57am…. with 3 minutes to spare. Shazam!)

As I started to fall back on the pages and the time was moving forward, I thought what can I do to catch up and finish. I decided to work on the pages very similar to Marvel Comics new format of widescreen comics. That’s where you place your panels stretched out through 2 pages. Like several widescreen shots. Marvel’s title Dark Avengers is very well know for this.


Once I decided to use this technique I was able to catch up. It gave me the great opportunity to create some very dynamic angle shots. Once I gained my confidence that I could finish the comic the story just flowed out of me. It’s full of action and fight scenes. It was really a fun comic to do. The story ends up with solders, ninjas, villains and even a giant monster.


My progress was posted on a few sites during the event. On both the local and national 24 Hour comic blog sites. Here are the links to these sites. 24 Hours from New Mexico Blog – Hours 14 through 18 from New Mexico Official Nation 24 Hour Comic Book Blog – Hours 14 through 18 from New Mexico