24 Hour Comics Day 2010

This October (The 2nd & 3rd) I participated for the 3rd time in 24 Hour Comics Day! The idea is to come up with a 24 page comic with no preconceived ideas when coming to the table! Since I’ve completed the challenge before, I had a good idea of how tough it could be. Ka-Blam!  I was able to finished again with minutes before the deadline of 24 hours. It was a fun struggle and I have a great feeling of accomplishment for finishing it.

Here’s my comic entitled “Survival”. The whole comic was penciled, inked and lettered by me in 23 hours and 45 minutes. Toward the end I did a few double pages and my art isn’t as tight as it was in the beginning.  But I think I did pretty good. I even have two stories going on from two different characters intertwined together. -Shazam!