#1 Foot Soldier of the Cyber Lords

The Cyber Lords are a technological advanced species that destroyed their home planet in a “The Great War”. During the war they would take inhabitants from other planets to be their Foot Soldiers. Using wormhole technology allowed them to travel through time and space to gather their armies.

They would modify their new soldiers by wiping their minds and reprogramming them. These new mindless beings would be outfitted with specialized cybernetic enhancements. Giving them great speed, strength and agility. Their main weapon on the battle fields was an energy staff capable of leveling buildings. In the height of the war each Cyber Lord had billions of Foot Solders.

Seeing their world destroyed by the war the surviving Cyber Lords made a truce. They agreed to leave the planet and use their wormhole technology to travel the universe and start their own individual societies. Using their vast armies of Foot Soldiers the Cyber Lords traveled the cosmos and began conquering worlds.
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30 Characters Challenge Creative Notes:
For this drawing I decided to try a new method of drawing. I’ve noticed a lot of professional comic artists start their drawing with blue pencils. I just recently watched Modern Masters: In The Studio With George Perez DVD and George Perez used this method. So I wanted to try it too.

I started my drawing with blue lines. I used a 0.7 mechanical pencil. Very gesture and bulky, this helped me get the idea of where I wanted the drawing to go. I then refined the drawing using a .05 HB Mechanical Pencil, adding shadows and hatching.

I’ve recently been sharpening my inking skills. What I do is ink other artist comic pages. It’s fun and has been helping me learn new techniques. So I was excited to bring this into my own work. I can see it in the inking of this character design. I like using a 102 nib and a size 4 stable brush. – Shazam!