#2 Zarruk Xeon Last Survivor of Tanigor

Zarruk Xeon is the last survivor of the planet Tanigor. A world much like the earth in size and population. Tamigor was protected by a group of super heroes. Zarruk was among the most recognized and respected among them.

The planet was devastated by a Cyber Lord and his army of Foot Soldiers. Looking to expand his growing interstellar empire, this Cyber Lord invaded Tamigor. But this world was heavily populated with super beings who fought back. The battle rocked the entire planet. With heavy casualties on both sides. The planets heroes couldn’t withstand the Foot Soldiers larger numbers, up to billions. The world was eventually completely destroyed, with all life extinguished.

All life except Zarruk Xeon. It wasn’t his super strength, durability or flight that saved him. It was his ability to absorb energies. The energy staffs of the Foot Soldiers actually made him stronger. But not strong enough to save his world, his wife or his children. Zarruk Xeon is now stranded on a dead planet. Searching through the rubble for a way off it. His only driving force is to avenge all he has lost by the hands of the Cyber Lords.

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30 Characters Challenge Creative Notes:
Like my 1st 30 Characters drawing of Foot Soldier of the Cyber Lords I tried to use a new technique of starting my drawing with blue pencils. I then refined the drawing with normal pencils. This is the second time I tried this, I feel like the image came out a little to stiff. This is probably as a result of me making most of the initial blue lines very tight instead of loose like I did in the last attempt. I am happy with my inking of this character design. I’ve been using a 102 nib pen when inking. It’s been a fun learning process. – Shazam