30 Characters Challenge 2011 – #1 Rachel, Daughter of Lilith

Character Back Story:
Rachel is a warrior daughter of Lilith. Lilith was Adams first wife before Eve, refusing to be his subordinate and left him. Through the many centuries Lilith has slowly created an army of daughters and sons to take back the world. One of the strongest of these daughters is Rachel. She was raised from childhood to hate and pity the “Children of Eve”. One of her mothers most loyal warriors. Rachel has fought many campaigns against both angels and demons. Rachel is a cunning warrior and field general in Lilith’s army. She is always ready to fight in defense of her sisters, brothers and mothers beliefs.

Behavior Traits:
Short Tempered, Headstrong, Driven, Impatient, Loyal

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Invulnerability, Flight, Super-Strength, Swords Master, Hand to Hand Combat, Expert Combat Tactician

Rachel originates form a character creation I did a few years ago. I mentioned her in the character back story of a character named Aurora Light. I’ve always wanted to go back to that story, this gave me a change to redefine the characters and the story. The working title for this comic is “First Legacy“.

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