30 Characters Challenge 2011 – #3 Sansenoy

Character Back Story:
Sansenoy along with his brothers Senoy and Semangelof are Archangels and guardians of humanity. When Lilith leaves the Garden of Eden and Adam they are sent to bring her back. A bargain is made for her freedom, the price is the deaths of one hundred of her children every day. Lilith complies, but gives birth to more then 100 a day. Sansenoy keeps a watchful eye on Lilith and her surviving children. On many occasions he even fight them in battle. Sansenoy eventually meets and falls in love with Liliths greatest warrior daughter, Sylvia.  Sansenoy and Sylvia began a secret romantic relationship. He shows Sylvia the great potential and wonders that the “Children of Eve” can achieve.

Behavior Traits:
Compassionate, Supportive, Stern, Romantic

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Invulnerability, Flight, Super-Strength, Empathy

Sansenoy is a character from my comic project “First Legacy”, this is a working title. He is taken from folklore and was mentioned in the character back story of a character named Aurora Light a few years ago.

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