30 Characters Challenge 2011 – #4 Lilith

Character Back Story:
Lilith is Adams first wife before Eve. She refuses to be Adams subordinate and states that she is his equal. When Lilith leaves the Garden of Eden and Adam the angels Sansenoy, Senoy and Semangelof are sent to bring her back. She refuses to go back to Adam so a bargain is made for her freedom. The price is the deaths of one hundred of her children every day. Lilith complies, but gives birth to more then 100 a day. Through the many centuries Lilith has slowly birthed an army of daughters and sons to take back the world she believes rightfully belongs to her. Their numbers rival the angels themselves. She has raised her children to hate and pity the “Children of Eve”. There is a war for Earth coming and Lilith plans to win it.

Behavior Traits:
Independent, Motivated, Headstrong, Manipulative, Driven, Cunning

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Invulnerability, Flight, Telepathy, Motivation, Limited Teleportation

Lilith is a character from my comic project “First Legacy”, this is a working title. She is taken from folklore and was mentioned in the character back story of a character named Aurora Light a few years ago. I used is challenge to revisit the comic idea.

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