30 Characters Challenge 2012 – #2 Alcatraz

Character Back Story:
Like most fighters of the pit, nothing is known about Alcatraz’s past. What his real name is, where he was born, who his family is. He ended up in the pit like most fighters do. At some point he was abducted from his former life and injected to this dark underworld. The need is high for new recruits, since fights often end with a death. The life expectancy of a pit fighter is a little over a month. New recruits go through reconditions and rebuilding. First their minds are erased, they become blank slates ready to be programmed to fight. To only care about fighting and winning. There are several managers (big bosses) that recruit, train, and house these fighters. Alcatraz fights for Boss Holiday.

Unlike most fighters in the pit who only dream of fighting and winning, Alcatraz dreams of escaping. To escape this violent world he knows he needs to survive the fights. Which means he has to be smarter, tougher, stronger and more lethal then his opponents. For him winning is living. Living for the next day, living to be free. He’s heard rumors that if you survive long enough, the “Boss” will take you out of the fights. Give you another job as one of his enforcers. Enforcing what, he doesn’t know. But he believes it has to be better then fighting everyday to the death.

When Alcatraz first started in the pits there was a top fighter named “Concrete Stain”, an undefeated fighter who had survived over a year. Then one day he was gone, not dead from a fight just gone. That’s when Alcatraz first heard the rumor. That elite fighters work for Boss Holiday in the outside, not just fighting for him in the pits. It might only be a dream but Alcatraz will keep surviving until he’s chosen, until he’s free.

Behavior Traits:
Resortful, Determined, Creative

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Hand to hand fighting, Weapons (blunt objects, knives)

I mentioned Boss Holiday in Alcatraz’s back story. He’s a character I created for the first 30 Characters Challenge. A Rockabilly Crime lord who employs “Super-Villains”