30 Characters Challenge 2013 – #2 Wondering Executioner

Wondering Executioner by Ralph Contreras

30 Characters Challenge 2013 – #2 Wondering Executioner

Character Back Story:
The Wondering Executioner is shadowed in mystery. A figure that most don’t believe in. Stories of a this dark man have appeared in ancient texts and stories for thousands of year. He has been seen in all major battles and wars throughout history, folklore and legends. The story is always the same. When the battle nears it’s end The Wondering Executioner appears fighting anyone that challenges him. He them finds the cowards or traitors of both sides and begins to execute them. Slicing them in half with his giant sized sword named Judgement. He yells the same sentence with every kill “You have been found guilty”. It is believe he might be a fallen angel punishing mankind for his own sin of betraying his god. It is also believed that he is not one man but many, that the Wondering Executioner persona is part of a secret order of warrior judges. No matter his origin, do not betray your comrades in arms or you may be judged by his Execution Sword.

Behavior Traits:
Judge, Jury, Executioner

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Swordsmanship, Field Battle Experience, Immortal (perhaps), Super Strength, Invulnerability

I like the idea of creating a figure that we don’t really know his origin. Is he one man of one in a lineage. I can see this character working in stand alone stories or being referenced in back story. I think I may eventually add him to my upcoming comic project “First Legacy”