30 Characters Challenge 2013 – #3 Chasya Ableson

Chasya Ableson by Ralph Contreras

30 Characters Challenge 2013 – #3 Chasya Ableson

Character Back Story:
Chasya had an average American childhood, She watched TV, hang out with her friends and had two loving parents. That all drastically changed one deadly and horrific night. The family had just finished celebrating Chasyas 14th birthday, returning home from they family birthday dinner. Waiting for them in their home was an execution squad. Daughters of Lilith and their demon brothers given orders to kill the entire family. Chasya watched in horror as they eviscerated both her parents before her eyes. With a sword at her throat and only moments to live the front window of her home exploded with a wild man breaking though. He sliced the assassin with a blade to her neck in half. The room then became dark and the shadows on the walls began to grab the  execution squad. This wild man then grabbed Chasya and carried her away form the danger.  He explained that he was her long lost uncle “Nic” and those creatures were killing everyone in their family.

Chasya eventually learned the truth about of her family. That she was a direct decedent of Able, Adam and Eve’s second son. She is now the last decedent of Abel, Lilith’s daughters have murdered all the others in Abels direct lineage. She was taken in by her Uncle Nic and has been trained to survive and fight against Lilith’s Daughters. It’s been 10 years since her family was murdered. Chasya and Nic don’t know why Lilith has targeted them, how it is part of grand her plan or if it’s just part of her hatred for the children of Eve. They’ve decided to take the fight to her though armed with mystical weapons. They will find new allies, enemies, and secrets on their quest for their families survival against Lilith and her dark children.

Behavior Traits:
Angry, Short Tempered, Determined, Resourceful

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Advanced hand to hand combat, Swordsmanship, Marksmanship, Acrobatics, Demolitions, Occult

I’ve been working on a story/script for a comic called First Legacy. Where Lilith, Adams first wife hates the Children of Eve, basically all of humanity. All the characters are Demons, Angels, Demgods, ect. I wanted to add a more human aspect to the story. So why not have some of the children of Eve actually take the fight to Lilith? That’s where I came up with Abel last decedent, Chasya Ableson and her uncle “Nic”…Spoiler Nic’s not his real name.