30 Characters Challenge 2013 – #4 Cain, The Devil Killer

Cain, The Devil Killer by Ralph Contreras

30 Characters Challenge 2013 – #4 Cain, The Devil Killer

Character Back Story:
The origins of Cain’s beginnings are know to most.  He was Adam and Eves first child, a farmer who love to grow from the land. The first murderer, killing his brother Abel in a fit of jealousy. Banished and marked by god to wonder the world,  cursed to never be able to grow from the land again. He build cities and had children. Some believed he died during the destruction of the city Enoch, but Gods punishment has given Cain a from of immortality. He can not be killed by any man or anything forged by man, this is the power of gods mark on him. Cain has wandered the world since then, trying to find forgiveness for his sin of murdering his brother.

For the last few centuries Cain has fight a war against the worlds spiritual evils. Hoping to find redemption by saving humanity from fallen angels, demons and the treachery of Lilith and her dark children. He is referred to as the Devil Killer and feared among lower level dark entities. Although he has not received any recognition from any heavenly powers. Cain believes that this the key to his redemption.

Cain learned of Lilith’s plan to kill off all the direct decedents of his brother Abel’s family line from the Keeper of the Seal. Cain knows that he must protect and save his brothers decedents. The Keeper gives Cain the Seal to help in his battles against Lilith’s children. The Seal is the “Seal of Solomon”, a powerful ring that gives it’s bearer the ability to control Demons and speak with animals. Cain arrives at every assignation to late, finding only death and destruction at the hands of Lilith’s execution squad. Not willing to give up he finds the home of Abel’s last decedents, and crashes into the middle of the assassination attempt. He sees a young girl about to have her throat sliced and kills her attacker. He than uses the Ring to command any and all demons in the area to grab the other assassins. He takes the young girl,  Chasya Ableson to safety and tells her he’s her long lost uncle Nic.

Cain has been protecting and training Chasya to fight against Lilith’s children for ten years under identity of her Uncle Nic. She doesn’t know that he is really Cain the first murder or about his ring to control demons. Neither he or Chasya  know why Lilith has targeted Abel’s decedents but they are tired of hiding. They’ve decided to take the fight to Lilith herself. In a war to save his brothers family, Cain hopes to find redemption for the murder of his brother Abel.

Behavior Traits:
Guilty, Remorseful, Creative, Strategist, Agriculture, Architect

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Advanced hand to hand combat, Swordsmanship, Marksmanship,  Occult, Partially Immortal, Invulnerability to human weapons
Seal of Solomon (Ring): Demon control, Ability to talk to animals.

I thought it would be fun to put Cain in the anti-hero position.  He’s the first murder, but he’s trying to redeem himself. I also like making him a Devil killer, with a mystic ring that allow him to control lower level demons. In my first year during the 30 Character Challenge I created Andrew the Keep of the Seal. He was always intended to be used in a horror type comic series. In this new story he passes the ring over to Cain.