30 Characters Challenge 2013 – #5 Chelsea Webb, Underwater Explorer

Chelsea Webb by Ralph Contreras

30 Characters Challenge 2013 – #5 Chelsea Webb, Underwater Explorer

Character Back Story:
Chelsea Webb was always fascinated with oceanography. She grew up in the dry deserts of Arizona but always knew she wanted to study the seas. She joined a deep sea exploration fellowship in collage. On their first outing the boat sank and all were lost at sea. It would have been the end of Chelsea’s story if she hadn’t be rescued by a rag tag group of underwater explorers, decedents of Captain Nemo’s crew from the late 1800s. This group calling themselves the Sea Warriors explore and chart the vast oceans fighting injustice where they find it.

As Chelsea heals form her near death experience the crew members of the Sea Warriors tell her stories of their adventures. She decided that she want to join the group, if they’ll have her. The Captain, Gabrielo puts her membership us to a vote to the crew. Not all the Sea Warriors trust her, but she does win membership. Chelsea has been trying to prove to herself and her naysayers every chance she gets. She has excelled in deep water exploration.

Behavior Traits:
Adventurous, Out going, Opinionated, Determined

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Map Reading, Oceanography, Deep Water Diving

With this character I came up with a drawing first and created her back story from her look.