30 Characters Challenge 2013 – #6 Shiphrah, Eldest High Daughter of Lilith

Shiphrah, Eldest High Daughter of Lilith by Ralph Contreras

30 Characters Challenge 2013 – #6 Shiphrah, Eldest High Daughter of Lilith

Character Back Story:
Shiphrah is one of Lilith’s first daughters, she is one of the Eldest High. The Eldest High are the strongest and most ruthless of Lilith’s warrior daughters.  She was raised from childhood to hate and pity the “Children of Eve” and to rejoice in their destruction. Through out the centuries Shiphrah has battle angels, demons and men for her mother. She has an unquenching desire to see all mankind burn.

Shiphrah has been the leader of an execution squad put forth by her mother to eliminate all decedents of Eve’s child Abel for the past century. She has successfully murdered thousands of potential decedents with no reservations. Only one has escaped her, a child named Chasya Ableson. Shiphrah, her sisters and her brothers have been searching for Chasya for 10 years. Chasya has had help from Cain the Devil Killer evading her and her death squad. Little does Shiphrah know that Chasya and Cain are planning on taking the fight to her and her mother Lilith in the near future.

Behavior Traits:
Violent, Brutal, Leadership, Cunning, Strong Willed, Loyal only to Lilith

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Invulnerability, Flight, Super-Strength, Swords Master, Hand to Hand Combat, Expert Combat Tactician

Shiphrah is a character set in my comic project First Legacy. It’s a comic/story where Lilith, Adam’s first wife is planning on declaring war on the Children of Eve (mankind). With Shiphrah I’m putting a face to the murder of Abel’s Decedents. Other Daughters of Lilith I’ve written back stories for are Rachel and Aurora Light.