30 Characters Challenge 2013 – #7 Noemin, Rogue Daughter of Lilith

Noemin, Rogue Daughter of Lilith by Ralph Contreras

30 Characters Challenge 2013 – #7 Noemin, Rogue Daughter of Lilith

Character Back Story:
Noemin is unlike any of Lilith’s other daughters, she doesn’t despise the children of Eve. From an early age Noemin found humans and their gadgets very interesting. She immediately understood how these gadgets worked and how to improve on them. She had a talent for creating her own gadgets too. Before long Noemin was creating a variety of mechanical devices for herself and her sisters. Her mother Lilith was not please with these inventions. Lilith saw technology as a perversion of the earths natural resources, this was one of the many reasons she hated Eve’s children. Lilith commanded that all of Noemin’s gadgets be destroys and forbid her from making anymore. Hurt and sad Noemin complied with her mother. It was that day she decided that she would leave her mother and sister to forge her own life and place in the worlds.

Decades later Lilith sends Noemin and her younger sister Sylvia out on a mission to retrieve a mystical object, it will help her find find the decedents of Eve’s first child Adam. They are intercepted by the Archangel Sansenoy who was sent to stop them. Sylvia attacks the Archangel but is defeated very quickly. To quickly for Noemin to believe, Sylvia is her mothers finest warrior. She realizes that they know each other and can see it in their eyes. Their body movements betrays that fact that they share a romantic connection. Instead of letting the fake battle play out Noemin casualty asks how long Sylvia and Sansenoy have been involved.

Sylvia begs her not to tell their mother Lilith. She explains that they have been in love with each other for years. That he has helped her not to hate the children of Eve, but to see their potential. Noemin agrees that their mother can not know any of this. She tells Sylvia that she also doesn’t agree with their mad mothers agenda. And that she is glad to see her sister in love.  Noemin sees this as an opportunity to stop one of her mother deadly plans and to escape from her clutches in the process. They devise a story that they we intercepted by a legion of angels, that mystic the object was taken and that Noemin gave her life to save Sylvia’s.

Noemin now free, explores the world of humans and creates as many of her gadgets as she likes. Unknown to her though in the future she will be pulled into a war between her mothers hatred and the lives of the Children of Eve.  Her inventions will help tip the balance of who wins and who loses.

Behavior Traits:
Rebellious, Adventurous, Creative, Inventive, Resourceful, Strong Willed

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Technomage (combines magic with technology), Genius Level Intelligence,  Intuitive Inventing, Invulnerability, Flight, Super-Strength

Noemin, Rogue Daughter of Lilith is a character set in my comic project First Legacy. It’s a comic/story where Lilith, Adam’s first wife is planning on declaring war on the Children of Eve (mankind). Noemin is the first daughter of Lilith to disagree with her agenda. She will be an inspiration and comrade to Aurora Light one of the main characters in First Legacy.