30 Characters Challenge 2013 is Here!

30 Characters Challenge 2013 is Here!


The 30 Characters Challenge 2013 is Here!
It’s that time again, for the 30 Characters Challenge “Because the world needs new characters…YOUR characters!”. What’s the 30 Characters Challenge you ask? Tyler James has put out the challenge again this year to create 30 new characters in 30 days. This is the fifth year for the 30 Characters Challenge. It has taken place every November since 2009. I’ve participated in it every year. The event now has hundreds of participating artists and writers of all skill levels. It’s a total blast! Check it out at www.30characters.com.

Here’s an intro video I did for the Challenge. Also check out my introduction post on there site here:
2013 Challenger: Ralph Contreras

As an alumni of all the past 30 Characters Challenges I’m very excited to participate again. The first year was the only time I actually finished, so this year I’m very determined to complete all 30. Each year the challenge helps to strengthen my drawing style. I like to approach the characters and biography like Marvel’s “Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.” When I think of Character Designs, I see my characters in that format. I loved reading about characters and their biographies this way when I as a kid. If I have time I might even add a few “Comic Panels” of the characters in action, Like OHOTMU did.

Everyone is invited to “Join the Challenge”, Registration runs until 5 pm Eastern Time, October 31, 2013. The challenge begins starting November 1st, 2013. So make sure to check it out and join up if you like having fun creating and sharing your own characters!

Here’s a site Banner I created with one of my original characters from the challenge!
Join the 30 Characters Challenge Here.

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