A few months ago I took a much needed vacation. The first I’ve actually taken a since moving to Santa Fe in 2008. My girlfriends brother invited us to his home in Seattle WA. For the week he took us to many cool places. We got to see the waterfront, the city’s booming downtown and art galleries. On our second to last day there, he offered to take us to a comic shop his friend use to work at. Knowing that I’m a comic fan & aspiring comic artist. To my surprise the comic shop was The Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery.

Fantagraphics is the worlds most notable independent comic publishing company, best know for titles like Ghost World, Love & Rockets and the works of R. Crumb. I’m more of a fan of super hero/sci fi comics, but I have read these comic too. I completely believe that comics are a legitimate form of art and literature. This has been Fantagraphics belief too since it started publishing in the late 1970s.

Is was very cool to browse the book store and see all the cool underground type comics. The bookstore isn’t your typical comic shop. The were no back issues, mostly selves of paperbacks. All Fantagraphics titles too. I saw alot of titles I’d never really heard of, but all very interesting. It’s great to see the underground/independent comic scene doing so well in Seattle. In this new world of internet and instant downloads finding a comic shop full of art, people and music is always an awesome site to see.

I’m very thankful that I got to opportunity to visit this really cool comic shop/gallery. Even though I didn’t buy any comics there. I do have a huge respect and appreciation to Fantagraphics and the comics they produce. (Check out the cool Super Heroes painting) I did find a great deal on sketch paper; a small booklet for 3 dollars and an 11×17 pad for 7 bucks. After leaving I was very inspired to start working on my own personal comic project.

– Shazam!