The idea of Atomic Blast came from a challenge to create a superhero team based on an existing team. The REPLICANTS Project created by Dean Rivet. Atomic Blast is inspired by Sunfire of the X-Men.

Susan Rosen’s grandfather Jason Rosen worked on Trinity, the first atomic bomb nuclear weapons test in New Mexico. While working on the test site, Jason was exposed to high levels of radiation. Do to a genetic anomaly he was able absorb the deadly energies. He found he could  control this energy in the form of a green flame. He became a crime fighter known as the Green Flame.

As a child Susan began to manifest the same power as her grandfather. She keep it a secret not knowing she inherited the power from him. Susan’s parents died in a car accident when she was 17, leaving Jason as her only living relative. With no one else to take care of Susan she moved in  with him. She discovered he had the same powers as she did. Jason trained Susan in the control of her powers. She decided follow in his footsteps an become a crime fighter. With his help she has taken the name Atomic Blast and uses her powers to fight evil.

Here are the different steps I took when creating this character design. First I did my pencil drawing, I use a .5 HB Mechanical pencil. I then scanned and turned the pencils into blue lines. I went ahead and printed the blue lines and inked them. I used a nib pen 102. I then colored it in photoshop. I had fun with this illustration. I tried a few different techniques in the inking and coloring. I very pleased with the results!