A few weeks ago I posted a drawing I did of Bloodshot in the 90’s. Excited by the announcement that Valiant Entertainment would be publishing comics again in 2012. I wanted to share this piece I did as a kid. I then was inspired to create a new Bloodshot drawing. I penciled this Bloodshot with a more lean and slick look.

Here are the final inks of my new Bloodshot piece. I inked over my original pencils, I’ve been doing this lately with my work. I used a India ink with a 102 Nib pen, #3 Sable Brush and a Micron 0.25 pen. I modified the piece from the original pencils. He’s hair is now solid black and I’ve given the pants folds instead of leaving them solid black. I had a lot of fun with this one. I’m planning on doing some more Valiant characters in the near future. – shazam!