Last week I posted a drawing I did of Bloodshot in 1993. With the news that Valiant comics was coming back in 2012 I got very excited and wanted to share a drawing I did of one of their main characters when I was younger. You can check out that drawing here: Bloodshot Drawing I did in 1993

After looking at the piece I did, I got really inspired to draw a new Bloodshot pin-up. The one from 1993 was drawn before I had taken any art classes some 18 years ago. (wow) I’ve really changed in my approach and have found my own drawing style since then. So last night I grabbed some paper, clipped to my art board and started a quick sketch while watching a marathon of the Office.

In the new promo art from Valiant, we see a silhouette of Bloodshot that is not a huge dude. So I decided to go with that and draw him more lean and athletic, not as bulky as he’d been drawn in the end of his comic series.

I enjoyed reading those earlier issues of Bloodshot back in the 90s. It was a time when I was discovering there were different types of comics other then Marvel and DC. Valiants stories seemed more hard core and real, still heroic and fantastic but with a darker edge. I look at some of my own character designs and I can see how my imagination was inspired by characters like X-O Manowar, Eternal Warrior and Bloodshot.

I enjoyed working on this piece, It was nice to just let loose and had fun with it. I used an HB .05 Mechanical pencil and drew on a 9×12 piece of Bristol paper. I’m planning on inking it tonight, so keep an eye out. Also, more Valiant characters to come in the future too.