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Inking of Skull One Veritech Fighter from Robotech

Inking of Skull-One Veritech Fighter from Robotech A few weeks ago I watched a Robotech marathon and was inspired to draw my own Veritech Fighter. So I drew the Skull Leader! Originally Roy Fokker then Rick Hunter fighter...

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Caught on Video – Character Design Drawing

I’ve been collaborating with my friend Carlos Parra on the continuing story from his Dark New World film. The movie was created on a budget of $3,000 dollars. It was a great zombie movie. When Carlos decided he...

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Star Wars – Vader’s Fist – Beginning Drawing

I’ve been working on a drawing of Vader’s Fist. Also known as the 501 Legion for the past few days. They are an elite legion of Clone Troopers and later Stormtroopers from Star Wars.  They became Darth Vader’s...