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30 Characters Challenge 2010 – #3 General Grimm

#3 General Grimm Noran Grimm grew up in a world ruled by logic, strategy and calculation. The planet Dethathoun was one of first planets to be conquered by the Cyber Lords after their own “Great War”. For generations...

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30 Characters Challenge 2010 – #2 Zarruk Xeon

#2 Zarruk Xeon Last Survivor of Tanigor Zarruk Xeon is the last survivor of the planet Tanigor. A world much like the earth in size and population. Tamigor was protected by a group of super heroes. Zarruk was...

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30 Characters Challenge 2010 – #1 Foot Soldier of the Cyber Lords

#1 Foot Soldier of the Cyber Lords The Cyber Lords are a technological advanced species that destroyed their home planet in a “The Great War”. During the war they would take inhabitants from other planets to be their...