Comic Book Terms – Comic Book Grading
What is Comic Book Grading? Comic books have a scale of grading that is crucial to understanding what their value will be. Grading is subjective, this is something that one must always understand. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what is mint to one person is not necessarily mint to another one. There are standardized categories that will range from poor or fair condition to mint condition. Most of now uses a ten point scale, of point five being the worst to ten being the best. And you have to understand where a comic book can fall within those different categories. The average readable comic book, one that has read and enjoyed, will typically fall in a very good to fine condition. And as you go up, there are nuances and variances: you have fine, very fine, near mint, and mint. All of these different categories will impact the value of the comic book. And it could be the difference between 50 dollars for a comic book versus 5,000 dollars for a comic book. So whenever you’re looking into your collecting or selling, you have to be able to educate yourself as to what category that comic book will fall into and what the slightest little defects could impact the value of that comic book.