Here’s another comic page inked by me. It’s from the cover of Uncanny X-Men #514, originally drawn by super talented comic book artist Terry Dodson. I found the high resolution pencils on his DeviantArt page. It features the Dark X-Men, Namor, Emma Frost, Dark Wolverine (Daken), Cloak and Dagger fighting robots!

Dodson’s original pencils were drawn on 13″x19″ 2 Ply Strathmore Bristol Board with Light Blue and HB Lead. From the high resolution image found on his DeviantArt page, I took the pencils and turned them into very light blue lines and printed them on a sheet 11″x17″ Bristol Board. I inked it with a nib 102 pen and a  size 4 sable brush. I had fun inking these pencils. I’m still at the beginning stages of sharpening my inking skill, but I feel this piece came out good. – Shazam!