Comic Projects on Kickstarter – EPIC A Superteen Action Comedy

Miami’s Newest Teenage Superhero has a Weakness for Pretty Girls… Literally.

So, What’s EPIC All About?
After a freak experiment gives teenager Eric Ardor incredible powers, he does what you would do…he puts on a costume and becomes EPIC! Super strength, speed, flight, optic blasts…it’s a fanboy’s dream come true. Unfortunately, he’s just discovered he has one weakness…pretty girls! While most boys his age lose their cool around the hotties, EPIC loses his powers! Living in Miami, home to the zaniest super-villains AND the most bikinis per capita in America, it’s gonna be a problem…

EPIC #1 is a super-sized 32-page pilot issue for the series created by ComixTribe Publisher Tyler James (The Red Ten, Oxymoron) and artist Matt Zolman.