Comic Projects on Kickstarter – Downfall the Graphic Novel
Twenty years after the downfall of humanity, the Earth is a dangerous place. The comic takes place some 20 years after the a downfall event. Civilization may have fallen, but mankind is not out. More nomadic, scratching out a living however they can find a way. Yet, the world is still full of life. There are even a few strongholds scattered about, doing their best to conceal their presence from outside forces.

All of this is living in the shadow of the invaders themselves. Once the population of Earth was cowed, the alien ships landed taking the form of massive fortress-cities. Even after 20 years, however, very little is known about who or what these beings are or why they came to Earth in the first place. Our heroes are forced to deal with many dangers as they traverse this new landscape.

However, alien monsters, zombie-creating parasites, mysterious assassins, bandits, and a superior intelligent alien presence are just the beginning.

Downfall is a collaborative project between renowned fantasy artist Jason Engle and author Maxwell Alexander Drake

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