Comic Projects on Kickstarter – Sea Breeze Lane Hardcover Graphic Novel
Sea Breeze Lane is a story about a boy, the Moon, monsters and a little myth called Earth. It is several hundred years in the future and humanity lives on the moon, in domed Earth-like cities. David Bell is a Skyborn, one of his society’s elite and their next leader. David grew up on fairy tales, like any other child. Except, his bedtime stories about strange and distant lands may actually be much more than simple fantasy. Outside of the domes, on the Moon’s harsh atmosphere, nothing like the one we know today, reside the antagonistic Dusters; this group believes they are descended from the original lunar settlers. David has started to question the secrecy of his society and doubts the dogma preached by its past leaders. He is determined to know the truth and is willing to risk his life to find it. David’s journey to uncover meaning could lead his world to a brighter future or completely destroy it.

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