Creative Writing – Eye
Electric spectrum of color, this is how Danny saw the world now. It had been days now that the new bionic eye was installed. Not both eyes, just the left one. Maybe in the next few months he could afford one for his right. This was Danny’s first cyber implant, he waited until he could buy a legit one. His cousin Kyle bought one from a friend of a friend. The eye malfunctioned within hours, it shorted out and burned his face and inner brain. Now Kyle was a disfigured idiot. A drooling fool that laughed at everything. No Dannys new eye was top of the line, with features like multi-spectrum viewing, Infrared, heat, night vision; all the bells and whistles. He could still see optical if he choose to, but now he had 25x zoom ability. An extra option he had added was a built-in recorder. Everything he saw was now sent straight to his cloud storage, as long as he was near a wi-fi hot spot This whole city was a wi-fi hot spot. Danny was still getting use to the new sights. He’d tried all his viewing options at least once, but it was the Electric spectrum of color he enjoyed the most. VISION SETTING FOUR: COLOR SPECTRUM, the official setting name. He preferred calling it his electronic spectrum vision. It seemed to him like everyone was getting bionics. Upgraded sight like himself, digitized enhanced hearing, hydraulic strength and enhanced agility. The demand was high for quality parts, buying second rate upgrades were easier to find and cheaper. Like Kyle’s generic low grade life ruining eye. After that Danny knew he’d only settle for the best, price didn’t matter. Tomorrow he’d start setting money aside to get the other eye. In his secret hiding place. The one under his data entry post next to the food processor.

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