Creative Writing – Softball
“Heads up!” Wes yelled at Roger, Eric and Henry. The three were distracted discussing their favorite topic Chicas. They didn’t notice they walked right into the middle of a softball game. An improv game started up in one of the clear fields wasn’t an unusual thing at church camp. This would be the third summer the teens attended. Although the pretense of camp was to learn about god, the adolescent search for coupling was priority number one. “It’s a fly ball, watch out!” Roger and his friends ran in different directions to avoid being hit by the softball.

Running in a chaotic manner, Roger zigged and zagged to his right, then to the left. Like a master assassin skillfully dodging ninja throwing stars. Well in his minds eye that’s what he looked like. Out of breath he stopped and sees his friends and the game players staring wide eyed in his direction. THUMP! Roger feels something hit his head. A few moments later, which feels like hours he finds himself looking up at the sky. Faces staring down, head throbbing from a sharp pain. He hears the robust laughter of Wes. “Dude! That was crazy, you totally ran right to the ball!” Gesturing with both hands Wes reenacts the scene. With his left he moves it in chaotic every which way directions. With his right he shows a slow upward then downward slope of the ball. He has them meet fingertip to fingertip in front of Rogers eyes. Rogers first thought “I’m not going to impress the Chicas this way, then again maybe I did get someones attention.”

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