The Daily Comic Sketch Challenge – 2010 Week 1. Last year I did a set of  quick drawing of only 30 minutes each. These drawing were of random comic book characters suggested by friends from Twitter.  I had a major blast drawing them. I really think it helped my drawing ability. I’m now planning on making this a daily self exercise in 2010. The original sketches were done on 8.5″ x 11″ card stock paper for 30 minutes each. I’ve decided to upgrade this to an hour. I”ll be drawing on 11″ x 17″ comic board paper too. So I’m very excited to get started on this daily exercise. I’ll be drawing 5 days a week, this way I can rest on two days.

Here is the list of the characters I’ll be drawing this week!

1. ROM-SpaceknightROM Spaceknight (Marvel)


2. Mary-Jane-WatsonMary Jane Watson (Marvel)


3. man-of-miraclesMan of Miracles (Image)


4. Jaina-SoloJaina Solo (Dark Horse / Star Wars)

5. Johnny-SorrowJohnny Sorrow (DC)

I’ll be posting the new Drawing every day. If you have any suggestion on who I should draw next, please let me know. – SHAZAM!

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