The Daily Comic Sketch Challenge! Here’s the 5th quick 30 minute daily sketch. This drawing was done on Monday October 12th of the Dee Dee Twins from DC’s Batman Beyond! I took a little longer then the allows 30 minutes. Probably about 45, but there are two characters. WhaZa!

So for this drawing I decided to do the Dee Dee twins. They are fun and full energy. so I drew them jumping toward us. I used my H2 drafting pencil and started with light lines, then added more defined lines. The drawing came out a little stiff again. It might be the way I approach drawing females. This exercise has defiantly shown me that I do approach my drawing in different ways. I’ve decided that I’m going to practice very quick gesture drawing every day of the female form. Like the beginning warm up I did in figure drawing class back in collage.

The Dee Dee Twins haven’t been in any comic books, they have appeared in the Batman Beyond – Return of the Joker DVD and a two part story in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon. Turns out they are actually Harley Quinns future granddaughters.

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