The Daily Comic Sketch Challenge! Here’s the 4th quick 30 minute daily sketch. This drawing was done on Friday October 9th of Modok (Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing) from Marvel Comics. I took one day off the challenge, but came back with a really fun sketch!


The last sketch I did of the Enchantress didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped, she came out a little to stiff. So for this one I decided not to get to stressed and just had fun with it. This was actually the sketch I’d been looking forward to drawing the most. I worked with a H2 drafting pencil and a simple eraser. Started off with very lose lines and adding details alone the way. To be honest this drawing took a little longer then 30 minutes, it too me about 45. But I think that’s ok. My goal with this exercise is to help in speeding my drawing but also to loosen up.

When I started reading comics it was Marvel comics. So I totally knew and have read comics with Modok. Modok’s just a super giant head on a hover chair, that’s fun and cool. I didn’t realized there was such a fanbase for the character. I found numerous websites dedicated to him and Marvel Comics even has an official Modok blog. When Marvel created a new Super-Villain Team-Up limited series, Modok was thee main character. I had lots of fun with this drawing and I think it shows. – Shazam

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