The Daily Comic Sketch Challenge! Here’s the 2nd quick 30 minute daily sketch. This drawing was done on Tuesday October 6th.The Maxx by Sam Kieth was suggested by my friend Carlos Parra via his twitter account @carlosparra


2. Tuesday (10.09.09): The Maxx

This was a fun character to draw. I knew I wanted to make him big and over exaggerated. That’s the way I remembered him. Never drawing the Maxx before I was very excited to have fun with this. I was able to get the sketch done in 35 minutes. I used an H2 drafting pencil. I think I had better control with it then the HB I used for the last quick sketch.

I remember when I had my comic book store, The Maxx Comic was always a very popular character. I literally could not keep the comics in stock. This was years after it’s publication too. I think it was so popular because of Maxx, MTV Cartoon. Which was great because it brought the character and comics to a more mainstream audience.

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