The Daily Comic Sketch Challenge! Here’s the 3rd quick 30 minute daily sketch. This drawing was done on Wednesday October 7th of Amora The Enchantress from Marvel Comics.


This sketch was very challenging for me. It took me a little long then my allowed 30 minutes, about 45. I started with a a real rough sketch using a H2 drafting pencil. I was trying to give her a soft look, but I think she actually looks a little stiff. This is why I’m doing this daily exercise. To help me get a lose and softer drawing style. I find that there is stiffness in my illustrations sometimes when I work on them to much.

The enchantress was one of the first female characters I read in comics. The second comic I ever read was Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars, but it was the 1st series I actively read. I remember hitting all the gas station looking for the latest issue. So it was fun drawing a character I’ve been familiar with most of my comic reading and drawing life.

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