Dale Deforest is the creator of “Rez-Luv: Tribal College”

Rez-Luv: Tribal College Takes place in a Tribal College in Central New Mexico, where six Native Americans embark on an impromptu road trip to Southern California. Byron, a Navajo twenty-something is seemingly scooped from his already uncomfortable surroundings by his attraction to Lisa, a Lakota & Ojibwe woman from North Dakota.

Dale Deforest grew up in Northern New Mexico and currently reside in Albuquerque. He Graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts in 2000 and practice several different forms of production in the graphics and publishing field. Dale is proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite as well as earlier versions of the Adobe systems since 1994. These days, he’s taking time to learn many new forms of web programming as well as expanding his expertise at digital media such as digital painting, coloring and design.

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