I’ve been collaborating with my friend Carlos Parra on the continuing story from his Dark New World film. The movie was created on a budget of $3,000 dollars. It was a great zombie movie. When Carlos decided he wanted to continue the story in a comic book I thought that was a great idea. He then asked me if I wanted to be a part of it. I didn’t even give it  a second thought. Of course I’d like to be a part of the Dark New World comic.

This video shows me drawing a character sketch to one of the new characters in the Dark New World zombie comic book. His name is Private Andrew Martinez. A survivor of the zombie apocalypse. From my understanding the first story arch will be centered around him. Carlos sent me several photos of military uniforms to inspire me. I took those photos and tweaked the regular US desert uniform for this character design.

Check out the Dark New World zombie comic book blog site to see the final character design drawing. The blogpost is: Andrew Martinez – Character Sketches.