I am currently working on the comic book “Dark New World” with Carlos Parra. It’s a continuation of his independent zombie film. He’s introducing a lot of new characters into this awesome zombie infested comic world.

Here are the initial Character Sketches for Private Andrew Martinez, one of the new characters from the mind of Carlos Parra. The character is a veteran of the recent Iraq war. He uses the skills and training he received from the armed forces to survive this Dark New World.


Private Andrew Martinez – Military Uniform

With these character design sketches I took into consideration Martinez’s military knowledge. Carlos sent me several photos of solders in uniform for the general look he wanted for Martinez. I used these references and modified them a bit to come up with his look while still keeping to the standard U.S. Army desert uniform. He’s in 30’s so I tried to show that in these sketches. He doesn’t look to old or to young.


Private Andrew Martinez

In a previous blog post I put up a video of me drawing this character design sketch, Caught on Video – Character Design Drawing.

Check out the Dark New World zombie comic book blog. We’ll be updating the status of the comic, posting more character design sketches, and eventually selling the comic there.