September 11th, I made a trip down to El Paso TX to attend the 1st annual El Paso Comic Con, EPCON 2010. El Paso is located about 40 miles from my hometown of Las Cruces. So it was a great reason to visit home as well. The EPCON was organized by Broken Tree Comics, a local independent comic book publisher in El Paso. The guest of honor was comic book artist Joe Benitez. Other artists/comic companies included Adversary Comix, 656 Comics, and Phi3 Comics. What is really cool about these guys is they are all independent comic companies based out of  El Paso.

This con was very different from others I’ve been to. Every booth was either an independent comic company or a comic book artist.  It was like an artists alley con. I meet a lot of great artist promoting their projects. Like 7000bc, Jon Hughes, Sketch Card artist Chris Foreman and Ben Jones (an amazingly talented guy working on his own comic about Asgard)

There were a lot of people in fun Cosplay at the con too. With a contest, and several local cosplay groups represented. I got to take a few pictures with some of them including Loki, Valkyrie, and Even Darth Vader.

The highlight of the weekend for me was watching Chris Foreman create an awesome full color sketch card of Captain Marvel for me right be for my eyes. (The dude’s very talented). The con was a huge success for the organizers, artists and attendees. Plans for EPCON 2011 are already in the works and I’ll make sure to make the trip down again. – Shazam!

Adversary Comix