A few years ago I created a Free Comic Book Resource of a 180 degree view template sheet to help artists in their character designing. Although this was a great help to myself and many comic artists. I’ve wanted to update the turnaround sheet and modify it to a 360 degree for a while now. This way you can see all five sides of your character.

Here is the 360 degree character design turnaround template sheet. I’ve designed this template sheet to work with 8.5 inch by 14 inch size paper. You can print this 360° Turnaround sheet on any printer using legal size paper. You can also cut down a bristle board to legal size too. Make sure your printer can handle the thickness first.

This Character Design 360° Turnaround template sheet is created with blue lines. You can draw your character over the lines. You will have 5 views for your character. The sheet is designed to work with a 9 head figure. On the left side you will see the head sizes to help you determine the height of your character.

Here is an example of how this Character Design 360 degree turnaround view sheet can work. I’ve superimposed a turnaround of Wonder Woman over the sheet. The Wonder Woman turnaround is the Paquettes Earth-One costume. You can see Wonder Woman is 8 1/2 heads tall.  This example shows her costume from all angles.

Here is a free high resolution pdf file. Go ahead and download it and have fun coming up with some amazing characters designs. I’ll be posting more Free Comic Book Resources every week.

Download the High Resolution PDF

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