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Comics Book Layout Pages Ralph Contreras Free Comic Book Resources – Layout Pages

Thumbnails are very important when your drawing sequential stories. To help with this you can use Comic Book Layout Pages to sketch down your ideas. It’s a great way to play with different angles and vintage points. You get a good practice before you decide on what your final pencils will look like.

I’ve created my own Layout Page Sheet, much like the ones you can find at online art supply stores. The difference between the one I created and the ones from these shops is mine have two pages per sheet instead of four. I did this because it allows me to draw a little bigger and not have my layouts to tight. I like to print these out on regular paper, I find it much cheaper than buying sheets online.

Here is a free high resolution pdf file. Go ahead and download it and have fun coming up with some comic stories. I’ll be posting more Free Comic Book Resources every Monday.

– Shazam!

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