One of the most important things when drawing a comic book is the background. You can have the most stylized or realistic characters, but if the background is weak then the whole comic can suffer. Things on your paper will just not look right. If the story takes place in a bar, a mall or even an apartment it’s a good idea to have a clear idea of what the backgrounds will look like.

I’ve created a Scene Design Page that can help define where the story is taking place. It’s a grid with a section for notes on the side. This grid is very similar to what architects and interior designers might use to make blueprints for their projects. As a comic artists we are both the directors and set designers. Using the scene design page can help you see the different angles you might want to draw.


Free Scene Page created by Ralph Contreras

I’ve included a sample of how I use the scene design page. On the bottom right I came up with a simple blueprint of what I wanted the scene to look like. It’s a Hall/Assembly room. On the upper left I’ve drawn the Hall/Assembly room as I would in a comic. I used 1-point perspective to get the general idea of what I want the scene to look like. Using the grid helped to keep the lines and spacing unified when designing the scene.


Example of a Scene Design Page with scene layout

Here is a free high resolution pdf file. Go ahead and download it and have fun coming up with great scenes to tell your comic book stories. I’ll be posting more Free Comic Book Resources every Monday.


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