I’ve received several requests for more Free Comic Book Resources in the past few months. And the number one request on the list has been Word Balloons. Word Balloons are essential when creating your comic book. They not only hold the spoken dialogue between characters in the comic, but also help to move the readers eye through the sequential story.

What I’ve done is created a very basic set of word balloons. This is the first set in a series of sets I will be creating. Here are seven word balloons that can be used for your print of web comics. This set of balloons can be downloaded as an eps or png file with transparency, so they can be used easily in your comic projects (I suggest using photoshop when using these files). In the future I will be creating specialized word balloons for monsters, robots and other character types.


Free Word Balloons created by Ralph Contreras

Here are the free high resolution .eps and .png files. Go ahead and download them and have fun adding dialogue to your comics. I’ll be posting more Free Comic Book Resources in the comic weeks so check regularly. If you have an suggestions for other comic resources pleas let me know. – Shazam


Download the High Resolution EPS and PNG Files

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