The original cult classic Fright Night movie has always been one of my top favorite vampire flicks. So when I heard there was going to be a remake, I was very excited. Then I learned it was going to be filmed in Albuquerque, NM. That’s a 40 minute drive from Santa Fe (where I’m living right now), I was Super Excited.

It turns out the Assistant Prop Master on the film was looking for local comic book artists to work on the movie. They were looking for completely original work in the genre of monsters, demons, dark goth, swords/sorcerers, witches, devils and all things scary. The films director would then review all the submitted samples. Wow what an opportunity!

Not having a lot of this type of work in my portfolio I decided to do a jam session and create some. The samples needed to be received by July 5th. So I spent all day of July 4th penciling and inking several pieces. I created some zombie comic pages, and a few monster pinups. ( a Werewolf, Frankenstein type create and a Vampire.)

To be honest these weren’t my finest pieces, so I wasn’t overly surprised when I wasn’t chosen for the project. But I had a blast working in a different genre. It’s always good to get out of you comfort zone and explore new territories. It’s also really cool to know that a local comic artist will have his or her stuff in a major motion picture!

Here’s a sampling of the pieces I created in my 4th of July Horror Drawing Jam!