I was recently asked for advice on a gift to help a young artist in designing and understanding how to write a comic book for Christmas. I suggested a great activity kit by comic book artist legend Joe Kubert. Joe Kubert’s Comic Book Studio. This cool activity kit comes with a 72 page instruction book, sketching paper, pencil, sharpener, colored pencils, ink pen, triangle ruler and a blank comic book ready to be drawn in. All the basics you need in creating your own comic book. An excellent companion to The Comic Book Studio is the how to draw book by Kubert, Superheroes: Joe Kubert’s Wonderful World of Comics. This book goes over the basics in character design, comic anatomy, and comic book story telling.

Joe Kubert has been a comic book artist for over 60 years, working on such comic books as Batman, Tarzan, Hawkman, and Sgt. Rock. Both his sons Andy and Adam have continued in their fathers footsteps, working for both DC and Marvel Comics. All three teach at Joe Kuberts college accredited school, the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.

If you want to go beyond the Comic Book Studio as a gift I would suggest enrolling your beginner comic book artist into one of Kuberts schools several correspondence courses. they will receive instruction and critiques from Kubert himself and his schools staff.

Heroes & SuperHeroes: How to create, design, illustrate and tell a story featuring superheroes for comics.
Story Graphics:  How to tell a story in graphic form, panel-to-panel in a variety of styles and genres.
Horror: A popular subject of comic books, with graphic creations of monsters, moods, and illustrated madness.
Penciling: The art of penciling for comics from the inside, including breakdowns to finish and uses of materials.
Inking: The correct use of pens, brushes, ink, etc., for the completion of comic book art.
Super Villains: How to create your own Super Villain to challenge the powers of the bravest Superhero.

I hope these gift suggestions help in shopping for your beginner comic book artist this Christmas. The greatest gift we can give is encouragement, knowledge and support.  – Shazam!