Sometimes you can find the most awesome stuff at the most unexpected places. This last weekend I was at the super market buying groceries and out of no where my girlfriend pulls out a Hand Scythe. She intended to scare me, but instead I was very excited. This plastic toy was a perfect match to the weapon used by one of my characters, the “Grimm Creeper”. I had to buy it. Luckily I was able to find a second one too.


Halloween is always a great time to find plastic weapons and cosplay items. Last year we found a cool life size Captain America shield, and this year it’s the Grimm Creeper’s scythe weapons.


Grimm Creeper – Original Design 2003

In my original sketch of the Grimm Creeper I had drawn his weapons very similar to the ones I recently found. In later drawings I modified and stylized the scythes. After holding and simulating how the weapons work in a fight (I was testing them out in the supermarket), I’ve decided to go back to my original concept: a simple and direct weapon.


Grimm Creeper – Re-Design 2009

It’s really great having these props. I now have several ideas on how he can wield his weapons. I know that it will help me to come up with better action poses when I draw his fight scenes.