How to Draw and sell Comics
Expertly written in an entertaining and easily accessible way. Contains detailed instruction on how computers are applied to the creative process. Includes step-by-steps and finished examples by legendary artists Chester Gould, Will Eisner, Steve Ditko, Winsor McCay, Robert Crumb, and Tod McFarlane

Artists will discover how to create great comics and make a career out of doing so with this completely revised and updated classic. Written by Alan McKenzie, a renowned expert in the comics industry, and packed with superb illustrations by other leading industry professionals, How to Draw and Sell Comics takes readers step by step through the entire comics-creating process. Readers will learn to: Develop dynamic characters. Understand comic book storytelling conventions. Pace a story, lay out the page, and add dialogue. Grasp techniques for penciling, inking and coloring-by hand or computer. Apply their work to different genres, from newspaper strips to graphic novels

McKenzie also features essential information on going pro, and including setting up one’s own magazine, budgeting, and copyright issues. How to Draw and Sell Comics is the complete guide to creating comics, from writing the story and designing the characters to lettering and coloring the final artwork.

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