I’ve wanted to be a comic book artist as long as I’ve been reading comics. To be able to play with the heroes I read about. Like most aspiring artists I looked to books to show me the right way to draw comics. How the comic figure is drawn and how to create those awesome fight scenes. I’ve bought and read so many “How to Draw Comic” books I’ve completely lost count. The very first “How to Draw Comics” book I every bought was How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.


How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way is a great introduction book to the world of comic book drawing.  Written by Stan Lee and comic artist John Buscema.  This book teaches you the tools and terms used when creating a comic book. From drafting table, pencils, erasers, inking to the definition of a worms eye view.

It covers basic perspective drawing techniques for object, characters, and composition. Probably one of the best books that teaches how to draw characters with 8 half heads. This book has great explanations of the importance of figure exaggeration when drawing action and normal conversation between figures.

The most important lesson I learning from this book was how to draw sequential art, that is how to tell a story through pictures.  It shows the wrong way and the right way, what’s great about these examples is it shows you different ways to tell the same story though panel drawings.

If you are interested in learning how to create a comic book, the basics of comic book drawing or know some one who does I would totally recommend How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 pencils rating:Pencil-RatingPencil-RatingPencil-RatingPencil-Rating Pencil-Rating