Here are some quick Zombie Sketches. To help keep the Dark New World zombie comic book fresh and new, I decided to sketch out a bunch of zombie faces. This way I can pick and choose which ones I want to use in the comic. I don’t just want a bunch of stereotypical bland zombies. My goal is to have over 50 different zombies already designed for the comic when I start penciling the sequential pages.

I’ve been looking at people to get ideas for the different looking zombies. I’ll be at the mall or the gas station, making sure to look at the characteristics of all the different people. So basically I’ve been people watching and re-imaging them as zombies.

I’ve tried to make them retain some of the human characteristics, but still bring the horror I feel when I think of zombies. With some rotting flesh, biting jaws and dead eyes.

Originally posted on 06.17.09 by me on the Dark New World – Zombie Comic Blog