A few months ago I was vising my moms house where I found a box of old drawings I did when I was a kid. There were drawings I did of Veritech fighters from Robotech to comic book and super heroes. Last night I was looking though theses treasures from my childhood. I had a blast remembering how I’d stay up late, looking at my comics and wanting to create and recreate these awesome art works. One of the drawing that jumped out to me last night was this one of Iron Man. I drew this 20 years ago in 1989 when I was 14 years old.


In the late 80’s I was reading all the Marvel Comic I could get my hands on, but Iron Man was on the top of my favorites list. I’m a huge science fiction fan and Iron Man was a perfect meld of Sci-Fi and Comics. This drawing was a recreation of the cover of Iron Man 244, it was originally drawn by Bob Layton. I remember being blown away by the split screen showing Iron Man’s then current suit and his original grey one. I had to redraw it. So this is not a tracing, but a recreation of a cool comic cover. This is how I learned to draw. I’d look at a comic and try to recreate it. I didn’t take any art class when I was young, but I loved to draw.


Looking at this drawing I did as a bright eyed kid so many years ago really reminded me of the passion I had for comic book art back then. I feel very lucky that as an adult I haven’t lost that passion. I plan on posting more of my childhood drawing up, so keep an eye out. -PoW, Zap, Zooom!