The Character Design idea of Lionsoul came from a challenge to create a superhero team based on an existing team. The REPLICANTS Project created by Dean Rivet. Lionsoul is inspired by Thunderbird of the X-Men. Mikhail Selimovict aka Lionsoul is a survivor of the Bosnian Genocide during the 1990’s. During the Srebrenica massacre Mikhail’s family was separated. Mikhail with his father and younger brother Jacob were taken to be executed. It was at this moment that his powers manifested. He found that he had accelerated senses, speed and strength. He was able to save himself and his brother by fighting off the Bosnian Serb forces. Although they were able to survive, Mikhail and Jacob were now alone in the world. They have spent their time looking for their mother and sisters. Mikhail has taken the name Lionsoul and helps people when they are in need with his powers.

Here are the different steps I used when drawing the character design for Lionsoul. I first did the pencils. I didn’t want his look to be to superhero. He’s more of a guy who fights when he needs to, he doesn’t want to stand out in a crowd. Next I scanned my pencils and tuned then into blue lines in photoshop. I then printed them out and inked them. I do this so I can keep my original pencils. I then color those inks in photoshop. I’m pleased with his look. I had fun designing his lion tattoo too.

– Shazam